Saturday, December 15, 2012

What is that Noise?

Today was quite a stressful day. I stayed up all night trying to finish up projects for my master's program and had to drive into Boston to drop off some materials for a design competition. Since I left to come back home during rush hour, it took me sometime to get home so I called my best friend. We hadn't really talked all that much because of finals. When I got home, it looked like my parents had already left to go over to a friend's house for dinner. I ended up coming in and playing with the dog while on the phone.

After a few minutes I kept hearing what sounded like a conversation or perhaps a TV on upstairs. At first I thought I was imagining it. Then I realized that I really was hearing something going on somewhere. I live in the woods, so generally when on hears talking, it usually isn't anyone on the street or anything. So while I was talking to my  friend I went upstairs and naturally, there was no one home. Throughout the evening I have been seeing what look like orbs out of the corner of my eye. I'm not sure whom might be visiting, I just wished they would say hello. That just said, one danced in front of my eyes just now, about a foot away from my face. Either I need to sleep (which I don't feel tired) or someone just tried to get my attention.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Strange Occurance

Last weekend I saw a Paranormal Witness episode where a Boston Night Club was haunted by the ghosts of the former owners. One of the stories was the ghosts dispensing all the paper towels from those motion activated dispensers.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Man in the Backyard

After an all-niter working on studio, I smelled the coffee my dad was making before he went to work and I went to the bathroom to relieve myself before I went downstairs. It was a beautiful spring day with the sun shining bright. I think the leaves were just starting to come out. I started to pee and normally I will glance out of the window to see what is going on in our backyard as I go. We have a pool, a fence, some lawn and then we are surrounded by woods. It is quite peaceful place. As I glanced outside I saw a man and as soon as my eyes adjusted to the sunlight, he disappeared.

I saw this man vividly, if only for a second or two. He was of average height, probably about 5 foot 8 inches or so, with white hair and a receding hairline. He looked like he was older, probably between 60 and 70. He was slightly over weight, wearing a white collared short-sleeve shirt, khakis, and dress shoes. He was on the other side of our fence leaning over the fence looking at our pool in drastic need of repair. The liner was torn, it didn't hold water and the concrete was falling apart. During that split second I saw him grab the top of the fence and lean over and look. At first I thought it was  a guy on a walk before work, then disappeared.

The pool had been falling apart for years and my dad had always said he was going to fix it. I never believed him. It wasn't used for a year since it no longer held water and not even closed the previous winter. Within the next few weeks he started calling people to get quotes on the pool. To my amazement he got the pool fixed that summer, added a heater, had a new deck installed and it is truly an amazing pool now.

Was this person telling me of things to come? I don't know. He did not look like a deceased relative to me. He was not my mom or dad's father, he rather looked like our neighbor's late husband, though he was looking down so I didn't get that good of a look and he died around 15 years ago. Perhaps he was my great grandfather at a younger age? I do not know who it was but I take that experience as a sign of what was to come. A bit after the pool was finish, my dad did the same gesture while on the other side of the fence. Was this to solidify the experience? It definitely wasn't my dad I saw that morning. An interesting experience for sure.