Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Lay Off

I know I haven't been writing much of anything here. Quite frankly it is because not much has happened lately at all. So last Friday I got laid off and after I heard the news I grabbed a few books of my desk that were mine and went to the car to have a smoke. On the way out the door I ended up seeing an older guy out of the corner of my eye down at an intersection between corridors. When I glanced over there was no one there. His face/statue still remained in my memory.

So today I was thinking about who that gentleman was I saw and perhaps he was one of the late owners of the company? I googled him today and of course, looks just like him. I wonder if he was doing me a favor by getting me hired there for the valuable experience it gave me and he was seeing me out the door. He was a big supporter of the school I just graduated from and was dedicated to mentoring younger architects.

I feel as though the experience wasn't a coincidence and the entire time I worked there, something didn't feel right. Saying things like, "at least I've been learning Revit which is great for my resume" even though there wasn't a sign that lay-offs were immanent. Plus I was just hired. The whole thing is pretty mind blowing that Peter would appear to me. I just wish that I could have met him in life. He seemed like he was an amazing architect and person.

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