Saturday, September 7, 2013

Sage Cleansing

It is best to start at the front door and go clockwise around the house when saging or smudging. It  is important to keep the front door open to allow a place for the negative energy to leave. Always conclude your smudging at the front door and gently extinguish the sage.

Be methodical and complete while walking around the home using your hand or a feather to disperse the smoke, making sure to spend extra time in the corners of the room where negative energy can gather. Be sure to open all the closets and smudge them. Remember to stay connected to your breathing while smudging. Also remember to always walk backwards while walking through a doorway. When cleansing, say the following while walking around...

All negative energy must leave, only positive may remain

When you are about done, go back to the open window and door to push out any negative energies that might be around the door.

Always be safe while saging. Sage bundles or smudge sticks work best to be carried from room to room. To be safe, hold the bundle over a fireproof container to avoid any embers from falling on the floor. If you only have leaves to burn, always burn the sage in a fireproof container such as a cauldron. Be careful of embers blowing around.

Ideally, even in the most positive house, negative energy can accumulate, smudge your home a few times of year or whenever you feel as though you need it.

The video below gives you a brief introduction on how to light your sage and ways to perform a cleansing.

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