Sunday, May 19, 2013


I was over at a friend's house, visiting with friends I hadn't seen in quite a long time. For me it was a good yet a bit stressful once the drunks decided to play with fireworks. Especially in a small clearing surrounding with quite a few tall trees. By the time I had a strange paranormal experience, most everyone had left and we were hanging out with the homeowners boyfriend outside by the fireplace thingy. He decided to put in all of the spend fireworks, which as most people realize, isn't too smart of an idea. Within a few seconds I got touched over my face to the point where I flinched. It was like a finger running over my face, from over one eyes, across the bridge of nose onto my cheek. I took that as a hint that it was indeed time to go. I rarely get touched and when I felt that finger go across my face, I knew it was time to go. I have no idea if he blew himself up or not, but a sign is a sign in my opinion.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Visitation: Grandfather

Normally paranormal things will happen to me when I am quite busy. This was an interesting story during finals. I was up building a model of a building i was designing upstairs without a TV or radio or anything on. I was very focused on what I was doing trying to get it done as quickly as possible. I heard what sounded like someone coming in and it almost sounded like someone was downstairs. I was thinking to myself, I wonder if that was Grampie. I heard in my head, "so why does it always have to be your other grandfather and not me in my head. I was a bit taken back and probably had a look on my face of complete confusion. So my grandfather that had died 15 years before. I then started to think of him for at least and hour or so, remembering the times that I had seen him. We were not close but I always had respect for him and wished that I could have known him better. He also died when I was on a term abroad in Europe so I have always had some mixed feelings about his passing. Definitely interesting for sure.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Visiting Boylston Street Boston

Today I took the time after a meeting at school to walk down Boylston Street in Boston since it is now opened after the bombing and I wanted to pay my respects. I hadn't had a chance until today. I will say that at the site of the second bombing, you could not tell what happened. I saw a young girl crying as I approached the place where it happened. Nearby a tree was decorated with a sign and flowers. As I passed I sent out love and thoughts to those affected by the bombings. At the end of the street I had to stop due to a red light and a few seconds later I felt someone jostle my backpack lightly. I wasn't walking, nor was I shifting my weight or anything. I was standing behind a couple at the light, so I peered around and there was absolutely no one close to me.

I walk around with my backpack all the time and it never feels like it is jostling around unless someone bumps me. I've only owned it for around 8 years, so I know how it behaves pretty well at this point. My first thought was of those that were killed by the bombing, the blue eyed girl, the young boy and the BU grad student. I'm not sure what it was about, but something odd did happen at that moment. I sent out good vibes and told whomever it was that they needed to cross over and sent them white light. I didn't get any other feelings at all, but I kept thinking about those that died during the bombing.

After that happened, I proceeded to go up to the site of the first bombing and was surprised that other than a window being replaced and a building boarded up saying it would reopen soon, nothing else happened out of the ordinary. I simply wanted to pay my respects and I was a bit curious about how they were going to replace the windows in one of the damaged buildings, being an architecture student, it makes a bit of sense. A little exercise didn't hurt either.