Monday, April 15, 2013

Premonition: Boston Bombing

Today was a sad day. Two bombs exploded along the Boston Marathon killing 3 and injuring over a hundred. Many had to have their legs amputated, bringing the Iraq and Afghanistan wars to our door. I hoped that it would never happen but I have been waiting for Boston to be the target of terrorists. I have spend a lot of my time in the past decade in Boston and I have always had a feeling that Boston would eventually get bombed. Today I was not happy that my feeling would indeed be true. I feel a bit guilty that I have had these thoughts and feel terrible for those affected by this cowardly act, hurting the innocent and destroying lives. Even taking the life of an 8 year old boy.

I have always noticed that there is minimal police presence on Boston's streets. Though the Boston Marathon is a unique case, it is horrible to think that someone would actually do something to purposely hurt people. So maliciously and purposely at that. I can not explain why I knew rather a feeling since people in Boston tend to go about their business and not notice what others are doing around them. They are more focused on themselves. Perhaps this will be a wake up call to Bostonians and the country in general. We must protect ourselves from those that would hurt us.

I grew up (partially) in Germany in the 1980's on an air force base where terrorism was a constant threat. I have even flown back to the US a week after a bomb exploded in the Frankfurt airport killing 20. I am familiar with the reality of soldiers in full combat gear and automatic weapons at the ready. I have always had respect for them and even wanted to be one of them for much of my childhood. Being physically unfit, almost defective, I have elected to forever being a student, learning all I can about our world and our history. Even what we don't understand and embracing it.

I had an important meeting at school, close to where the bombing occurred and even though I didn't know the reason, I knew that my meeting on Tuesday (the day after) would be canceled and I didn't have to worry about it. I have known for days and the nights up unitl the bombing I had been sleeping horrible, as though something was wrong. How could I have had a feeling that the meeting would be canceled, even though it is an important part of my curriculum? Perhaps one day I will understand why I knew that Boston would be the victim of terrorists. I only wish that I could have predicted it (day/time) and stopped it. I have had this feeling for about 9 years now. Perhaps there is some work I can do to enlighten myself more. I have been feeling fairly unconnected with the universe lately. I was lucky not to be in Boston at the time of the bombings, yet I am numb to its reality, perhaps due to my experiences with terrorism when I was young.

I do not understand how to react to this, though we will go on, despite my premonition of the atrocity. Let's hope our future will be bright, filled with light and peace for all mankind. I will say that all day I have been seeing orbs out of the corner of my eye. I just saw one. Seems like there is something or someone looking out for me. Thank you. Please watch out for those affected by the bombings.

For me any type of premonition on the bombing wasn't very clear, yet my premonition of the Russian Meteoroid was right on. I was shocked by this one. I did go visit the site of the bombings once they opened Boylston Street since my school in only a few blocks a way. The visit was interesting, yet inconclusive.


  1. I think I may have had a premonition of the bombing. I had a dream @2a Monday morning (4/15) where I was engaged in outdoor sporting activity with a man who was like my brother (but not) and with a child who was like my son (but not). We went indoors when I turned to see a look of terror on my brother's face. I asked what was wrong and he indicated that something foul was happening outside. I look out and I see strong wind and clouds. I then wake up from the dream and this is when it got freaky. Upon opening my eyes, my room was glowing red, as if a red light bulb was illuminating it. Then, on the wall opposite my bed, a red glowing square appeared with unidentifiable symbols on it. It was quite large but then faded away. Needless to say I was terrified. Was the red for the Red Sox...the square for Copley Square where the marathon ended at? I've never hallucinated before, though I have experienced what I've determined to be sleep paralysis on a couple of occasions. I feel I may have had psychic experiences in the past, but I've never given much credence to them. I don't know....maybe I should.

  2. I also had a very odd dream a few nights before the bombing, followed by sleep paralysis (which I've had on rare occasions for the past 20 years). I dreamed my husband (who runs marathons) was in a large city and lost his leg. His leg was blown to shreds from the knee down. I tried to carry him to safety, but there were medical people all around. I woke up (so I thought), yelling for him but it was sleep paralysis again. Like you, I think I need to give his dream some credence!

  3. I am far from Boston (other side of the world), I never think about it so I have no idea if my dream was about it or not - but I dreamt of it as was happening or right after (when many people started to think of it and feel it).

    I dreamt that there were many many people running on a road and I knew they are running for freedom and peace. I also knew that there is a danger at the end of the road, if they get to their destination (something military, like guns, canons or bombs). There were people watching from the sides of the road and everybody had mixed feelings about this run. 2 men were in the street, trying to stop the people there and tell them about the danger. My husband ran in the street and all 3 of them held hands trying to block the street and the runners. Because they couldn't cover the whole street, I ran there and held hands with them just as the runners arrived at our position. But it was somehow too late, because they broke through and kept running without listening. i woke up and didn't know if we stopped them or not. Later that day I told my mother about the dream (because I keep dreaming about 3 things plus one since a few nights - 3 scoops of coffee and one missing, 3 pieces of puzzle and one broken, etc.). She then told me to read the news and I saw the news about the Boston marathon (was morning here and evening in Boston). I am not sure they are related, but I feel that somehow, there is a connection.