Thursday, November 11, 2010

Paranormal: The Dark Entity

Initial Meeting

For years now I have been doing yoga at night followed by meditation before I go to bed.  I have found that it helps me relax and also helps me sleep. I have also heard from a Salem psychic that yoga and meditation can help one open up to the spirit world and increase your sensitivity to it, which was definitely the case for me. At the time my encounter with a dark entity, I was having experiences a few times a week at the least.

One night like any other I was doing yoga and I was just about done when I heard a little boy, muttering into my ear about something. I couldn't understand what he was saying. At this point I had learned from an open channel that if you want a spirit to go away, tell them you are busy and send white light to them. So I told him that I couldn't understand him and he should pass over to the other side and sent him white light. The muttering stopped and I didn't think about it again for a few weeks since nothing else had happened. I thought perhaps I had helped a lost little boy pass over, didn't quite feel that way though. I would be a bit surprised by what would happen next.

The Visitation

One night a few weeks later, I had completed yoga and was laying in bed meditating to clear my mind. Usually in this state my conscious mind quiets and my subconscious mind comes through a bit louder. Usually the thoughts are just passing. Perhaps thoughts of family or a crush may come to mind, bills, work, school, whatever might be going on in you life at the time. This time however, thoughts of absolute violence permeated my mind. Stabbing, rape, murder, the entire gambit of violence and gore you could possibly think of, to be honest I have blocked it out and don't remember it in the slightest. If you have ever seen the movie [i]Demolition Man[/i], I think of the thoughts as "murder, death, kill." The feeling of those thoughts project onto me during my encounter are no longer with me, I think of Demolition Man instead, which makes me smile. If you have seen the movie you would get it. It sums it up perfectly.

I am a very gentle soul and I don't ever think of violence like that. So in my head I asked where these thoughts were coming from, to my surprise I got an answer (in my head), "[i]They aren't your thoughts, there is someone else here[/i]." At that moment I snapped out of meditation and opened up my eyes, and despite my blindness I saw/felt something at the end of my bed. Then within a split second it came at me and I felt it go right through me. I laid there thinking, I can't believe that just happened and surrounded myself with white light, for protection, and cleared my mind. Slept fine too that night if you can believe it.


The next day I started to think about all the paranormal stuff I had learned from numerous TV shows and books. Dark entities tend to come to you disguised as the innocent, usually as children, which explains the first experience I had with the little boy talking nonsense. So when I sent the boy white light, it only got the entity to go away because they don't like it. This time for whatever reason my meditative state rung out like a beacon and called the entity to me. The voice in my head was probably a guardian angel (perhaps my guardian angel?) that was warning me to what was happening, once I asked them where those thoughts were coming from (yes in my head, not really on purpose, meditation is meant to clean up the clutter so you can hear things, sometimes I hear right after a question). They were not my thoughts but rather a projection of their thoughts into my mind.

I went online and tried to find an answer to how to protect myself from dark entities because I was a bit wierded out by the experience as I am sure you can imagine. Online there are many clairvoyants, mediums and psychics that have interesting articles on the subject. I ended up stumbling upon a prayer to protect your home from dark spirits. I extended it to protect the entire property and ever since then, I have not encounter it again. Well at least on the property.

Last Words

For a few weeks after the visitation I had been protecting the property on a daily basis. I had been home alone for a couple days and I went outside rather late at night, probably about 1 am to get the mail. Like most people's mailbox in the suburbs, I have to walk off the property to get the mail and when I stepped off the property, I heard the same little boy talking to me. The same muttering voice of a 5 year old boy. I laughed and stepped back onto the property, knowing it was telling me that it worked, just not off the property, lol.

Since that time I have definitely seen it. It walks down the valley where I live. I am always up at night (for obvious reasons) and end up feeling/seeing/hearing it come down the valley by our property. I did end up protecting the valley and it has been quite a while since I have seen anything.

More Paranormal Stories

Over the years I have had many encounters with the paranormal and these are my personal accounts. I have also realized recently that I have clairvoyant abilities which I am sure is the main reason I have had experiences to begin with. Some experiences are good, some heartfelt and others disturbing.

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