Saturday, February 16, 2013

Prediction: Russian Meteorite

 On February 15th, a meteorite exploded above Russia injuring hundreds and damaging buildings with its sonic boom. The strange thing is that I called it two days before it happened.

On February 14th after I got out to class I called my best friend to catch up on stuff. He asked me if I heard that there is suppose to be a large asteroid pass-by the Earth the next day. There has been reports in the news that a meteorite 150 feet across would pass by the Earth 17,200 miles away (a news article about it here if you interested). I immediately replied that the meter would pass about 50 miles from the Earth and it wouldn't hit us. He of course corrected me and I remembered what the news had said.

The next day to my surprise, a meteorite burned up and exploded over the Urals region of Russia. When I found out that it was about 50 miles up when it exploded, I couldn't believe that I completely called it. There were about 150 injuries, mostly from shattered glass due to the shock wave as windows blew in. A zinc factory was the most heavily damaged when part of its roof collapse. If you haven't seen the videos of the Russian fireball or the damage seen, check em out below.

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